Outside Corner Flange (NB13)

Outside Corner Flange (NB13)


The Nill Building Solutions Corner Flange can be used to mount attachments around the edge of your project. With three different installation options and customization for your application available, our product is ideal for waterproof installation of glass rails, solar panels, HVAC equipment and much more.

Product Features:


  • Engineered for corner installations

  • 90 degree angle

  • Stainless steel construction

  • 1/4” Thick - Multiple thicknesses available 

  • 13 counter-sink holes for fastening

  • Inward facing 1.5” X 3/4” stud

  • 1/2” waterproof threaded port standard for all your mounting needs

  • Various sizes available to suit your needs

  • Compatible with most popular roofing systems

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