Extended Anchor Flange (NB17)

Extended Anchor Flange (NB17)


The Nill Building Solutions Extended Anchor Flange is designed to allow just the connection port to be exposed for a clean, waterproof mounting point both inside and outside of your property. It is designed to have building materials such as stucco, drywall or shingles to be placed over the raised extension and around the port to give a strong connection for mounting shutters, awnings, speakers, leader pipes, etc.

Product Features:


  • Stainless Steel construction

  • Standard 3/8” waterproof threaded port ready to receive standard 3/8” x 16 bolt

  • 7/16” Allen Key Port for easy install and removal

  • 1” Raised extension standard, various sizes upon request

  • 2” Stabilizer Flange welded to ensure waterproof integrity and strength

  • 3” long lag

  • Various sizes available to suit your needs

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