Large Hex Mount Anchor Flange (NB2D)

Large Hex Mount Anchor Flange (NB2D)


The Nill Building Solutions Large Hex Mount Flange is perfect for anywhere a lag mount is needed. The 1 1/18” Hex Head ensures easy installation in any application. Simply use caulk on the back of the 3” stabilizer for waterproofing and then tap your finishing screw into the flange.

Product Features:


  • Stainless steel construction

  • 1/2” waterproof threaded port standard, to receive 1/2” by 13 bolt

  • 3” stabilizer flange welded to ensure waterproof integrity

  • 4” lag screw - 3/4” thick

  • Raised 1 1/8” hex head for easy installation

  • Various sizes available to suit your needs

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