Large Flush Mount Anchor Flange (NB3D)

Large Flush Mount Anchor Flange (NB3D)


The Nill Building Solutions Large Flush Mount Flange is perfect for anywhere a lag mount is needed. Simply screw into the waterproof port of our flanges as a simple, hassle-free solution to building almost anything. The applications for this flange are endless and it allows for easy removal when necessary.

Product Features:


  • Stainless steel construction

  • 3/8” waterproof threaded port standard, to receive 3/8 by 16 bolt

  • Sits flush with internal allen key port for easy install and removal

  • 2” stabilizer flange welded to ensure waterproof integrity

  • 4” lag screw - 5/8” thick

  • Various sizes available to suit your needs

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