Nill Building Solutions products are quickly changing how contractors approach building. Some of the most prestigious builders and contractors in the world use our products, and now you can too.


My name is Chris Schoerlin. I have been in the construction industry on the east end of Long Island for more than 25 years. My experience is working on high end custom homes. Currently, I am a project manager for Bulgin & Associates Construction for the past 12 years.
The NB2 line of products that Lance Nill has created solves a myriad of technical waterproofing issues that until now have been very difficult to solve. I personally have used these on a current project to fasten window and door sills to lead coated copper pans and flashings. The ease of install and self-assurance of using this product is surpassed by no other.
I believe the unlimited uses of this product have yet to be discovered.

With Regards,
Chirstian Schoerlin
Senior Site Supervisor
Bulgin & Associates Inc.


                                                                                                As a general contractor one of the most important things in my career as a builder is making my projects water tight. Well, I can finally sleep at night. The newest product to hit the market are the LN anchor flanges. These anchors are as water tight as it gets and they come in various sizes for different building applications. I can see using these NB flanges for a variety of items on every single project. The flanges can be used in so many different ways. It’s hard to list them all, roofing applications, rain screen applications and window and door installations, just to name a few. The NB anchor flanges will change the way the building industry views water tight connections and is the wave of the future. I look forward to a great night sleep. Thank you Nill Building Solutions for answering so many builder and architects’ dreams for successful projects for many years to come.

Fred G Lappe


Custom Carpentry LLC.

Dear Lance Nill & Associates, 
         I’m writing this testimonial to Nill Building Solutions to let Lance Nill know how his new product the anchor flanges or the NB1 have helped correct and alleviate possible issues due to water infiltration caused by standard installation procedures in the past.

Situation # 1 Using Custom NB1 flanges: 
 Just to state the situation I am working on a project where my company was contracted to build all exterior decks in total 4 separate decks using 120 ft. Of exterior glass railing. All decks are above living space so all of the sub deck had to be waterproofed using the Kemper system. We had very specific details on outside of glass shoe. We needed to stay within 1 full 3 ½” deck board. So Nill Building solutions made a special bracket for us that turned up the inside of the 2x curb to help with our tight dimensions. So if you can follow this from the outside of the house we have a ¾” siding a solid 2x on edge acting as curb, ¼” stainless steel anchor flange set at 12” on center,( all anchor flanges were back caulked using pl window & door caulk as kemper recommends) then we installed a taper lock aluminum shoe to receive glass railings. After installing all anchor flanges the complete sturdiness was unbelievable the pure strength was remarkable there wasn't any flex or movement at all. On this project we used 120 individual anchor flanges all flanges got waterproofed in before shoe got installed the threaded portal system is a huge selling point there isn't a whole in some clients roof just waiting to create a problem.

The selling point to the client was not if the shoe would leak if we don't use this product but just when will it leak. After installing these I will not use another method the Anchor flange is by far the best invention for installing a exterior glass shoe over living space. Just so everyone knows the standard method before this was silicone the area and screw a wood ½” threaded lag bolt into the roof deck and hope for the best. 

Luke Rogers
Owner, R&D Custom Carpentry LLC.

fountainhead logo.png

I have been working with Lance Nill for many years on high end homes on the East End of Long Island. One of our biggest issues with building on the coast is waterproofing. Nill Building Solutions has been constantly making all of their products better over the years, but their newest line of products are fantastic. We have used them on our latest project and they work great. There are so many uses for these products, and we feel we haven’t even broke the surface yet in their application around the jobsite. It’s nice to have peace of mind in not worrying about leaks in our future. Great product!

Shawn Caffrey
Project Manager
Fountainhead Construction Inc
(631) 813-7087

Storm Gaurd Solutions.jpg

Several months ago I was visiting a job site in Bridgehampton and while talking to the GC I saw an interesting brochure on his desk. I asked about the company and learned they made custom stainless steel fasteners of all types for many applications. I thought that just finding the brochure was a stroke of good luck but when I learned they were located in Southampton I could not resist to call the owner, Lance Nill, and request an introductory meeting. He agreed to meet me that afternoon. I was thrilled beyond belief.

My company is Storm Solutions USA and provide rated hurricane protection using Armor Screen polypropylene fabric systems. These removal screens have permanently installed mounting fasteners. There are standard fasteners that this industry supplies which solves most but not all of the solutions needed for many jobs. Until I met Lance, I would design and have these “special” fasteners made at a machine shop but not to the quality that I saw during this visit.

After meeting Lance and having seen the many different fastening solutions he has invented, with patents pending, I knew immediately that he was my source for the non-standard fasteners going forward. Since that first meeting he has supplied Storm Solutions USA hundreds of parts that were all flawlessly made at very reasonable prices.

Actually the parts Lance makes are very creative, unique and robust while looking more like “jewelry” then industrial fasteners. It seems to me that Lance can provide virtually any fastening solution. His creative mind just keeps churning them out and the end is certainly not in sight.


Tony Tremaine, President & Founder

Storm Solutions USA, Inc.

6001 North A-1-A, PMB 8338

Vero Beach, FL 32963

Cell: (860) 575-0275

Phone: (888) 735-6789

Email: tonyt@stormsolutionsusa.com

Website: stormsolutionsusa.com